I Have Crafted An Excellence of High Converting Offers under my portfolio. With 16% to 43% conversions across many High ticket pricing.
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I have an array of high converting sales page Offers and webinars 
Who is Ricky Mataka?
Ricky Mataka, is a serial entrepreneur, 20+ year Ninja Coder & 7 Figure Earner.  

Ricky is known for his multi six figure presentation experience and software platforms that change the lives  
of many of his students. Having spoke on stage across multiple high profile events, he has built up an array of resources and inspiration across the industry.

Ricky also runs a high scale group of over 7000+ members that look up to Ricky as being a mentor, friend and action taker that provides proven strategies and guidance to those that follow him.

To Join His Group Go To http://keepitmovin.tv OR Click The Blue Button Below!
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Ricky Mataka

Skype: rmatakajr
FB: http://fb.me/RickyMataka
MSG: http://m.me/RickyMataka
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